In this article, we’ll go over some ways to make electronic cigarette smoking look more positive to people who don’t know much about them aka the general public. The first thing to would be to educate. You can start by showing people how the device works. Explain how the e-cig contains nicotine infused liquid instead of tabacco. Explain that when this liquid is heated, it produces a water vapor that only looks like smoke.

Then talk about how easy it is to use, along with the delicious flavors, and most importantly, how great you feel. It is important to make sure you aren’t lecturing or debating with someone who is misinformed about e-smoking.

The next tip, would be to show respect for other people.Try to educate them in a respectful and considerate way. Many people have strong opinions about smoking, so be prepared to get some harsh feedback. When experiencing this, try not to respond defensively, but stay calm and clarify that electronic devices are different than tabacco cigarettes.

Even though electronic smoking is allowed in most places, still try to be respectful of other people when you smoke publicly by keeping it to a minimum and avoid vaping in small spaces. For our 3rd tip, it’s always a god idea to ask people you are associating with,if they mind you smoking with the e-cigs, or ask the business you’re in , if they mind you smoking in their establishment. This will help avoid awkward or negative interactions, and perhaps even initiate a conversation that leads to an opportunity to educate and inform them about e-cigarette smoking.

A lot of these etiquette tips are , pretty much, just good ole common sense. However, youjust might experience a little more leeway since you aren’t using the traditional, more harmful tobacco cigarettes.

In this article, we’ll take a more in-depth look at all the parts of an e-cigarettes, and how they work together to create the new and safer vaping experience. First, let’s talk about the battery. It’s the main component, and the most critical part one. A sensor inside the battery, activates when a user begins inhaling or presses a button. Something called the “Smart Chip Microprocessor” signals the e-cigarette to turn on, and send a charge to the atomizer inside the cartridge. Batteries work best when they are charged to full capacity before the first use.

The “cartridge” is attaches to one end of the battery while a crystal orange LED light on the other end ,supplies a realistic, fiery look when the e-cigarette is in use. The LED end light works as an indicator. When the user inhales, the LED light resembles the glow you see with the “cherry” on a traditional cigarette. This lets the user know the device is working. When the battery begins running out of power, the LED light will flash so the user knows it’s time to recharge it.

Next, let’s talk about the Lithium Ion Cell. It’s the actual battery component, or power source of the e-cigarette. It is rechargeable, and is considered the most powerful type of e-cigarette battery.

Then there’s the lluminum shell, Read More →